Here at Stevens Moving & Storage we believe in true transparency. By keeping with
that belief we take the rare risk of placing our rates online so you know that your not
getting different rates based on your neighborhood or needs.
Here is also a list of
the questions we get asked the most.

Q: How can we keep our rates low without sacrificing quality?

A:  Since 99% of the work we do is face to face where your move is taking place, we
do not need things like big office buildings which can cost a great deal of money.
Eliminating that expense gives us the ability to charge you less money while keeping
our pay rates for the workers high, which in turn gives the workers more incentive to
always do a great job.

Q:  A lot of companies charge hidden fees that get sprung on us at the end
of the move. How do we know you will not do the same thing?

A: Our company has NEVER had any hidden fees of any kind! We put this here in
the open to assure you of that, as this provides all the proof of false advertising
necessary if we ever did try to hit you with hidden fees. Below are all the fees we
charge, and the only fees we charge.

Q: A lot of companies are charging as much as $20 per stair, overtime, last
minute bookings, weekend rates and more. Do you do this as well?

A: NO NO NO NO!!!! We have never and will never charge you extra money for any
of those things!  Are rates are below and there is nothing hiding under the surface

Our normal rates without any cuts are:

$85.00 per hour for 2 men with a truck. There is a 1 time trip charge of $100.00 for
local moves (Tucson & close surrounding areas) & a 2 hour minimum. Each
additional mover you hire is $30.00 per man.

The best deal for you:

If you are willing to rent a moving truck or do not need a moving truck you can save

$65.00 per hour for 2 men, ZERO trip charge, & a 2 hour minimum. Each
additional mover you hire is $30.00 per hour.

The best way to look at this offer is that a small uhaul generally runs $20 per day.  
A full size uhaul runs $
50 plus tax. Even if you need a full size truck, a bit of your
time will save you $
40.00 off the top (the difference between truck rental cost & our
trip charge) plus you also save $20 per hour!!!


We have re-introduced our box loan program.  This is a HUGE money saver! When
you hire us to pack and move you we will loan you the boxes for free (when
available).  We simply charge a deposit & you get to rent our boxes for 10 days.
Once you drop the boxes off to us we will give you your deposit back.  The ugly is
that if you do not bring the boxes back to us with in 10 days you forfeit the deposit. If
the boxes are damaged or we have to pick them up the deposit will be adjusted
accordingly.  If supply is adequate we will even loan boxes on the same program to
those who simply hire us to move you without packing.  In those situations if you
cancel your move with us while borrowing our boxes, you forfeit the deposit on the

Q: What form of payment do you accept:

A: We take cash & all forms of plastic. There is a 2% processing fee for payments
made via plastic.  On rare occasions for long distance moves where the person
paying is not in AZ at the time of booking, we have taken Western Union for the 1st
half  (they did this to avoid the 2% card fee as in this case it was less money) &
collected either cash or card at the destination.  Basically the only form of payments
we do not accept is checks, money orders, or gift cards.

Q: Do you do out of State Moves:

A: Yes, we have recently re-opened our out of State moves. When moving long
distance there are multiple things to consider as this is not a cheap thing to do, but
some companies do offer extremely low rates.

1: Do you mind your job being out sourced to other companies at the discretion of
the original company you hired? Meaning that you can hire the company you think is
doing your move, but by the time you receive your belongings your actually using a
different company that is paid by the original company without your knowledge.

2: Do you mind having your belongings on a tractor trailer with other peoples
belongings and additional stops for loading and delivering others belongings on the
way to your destination?

If you answered no to either of those questions then a company like ours is perfect.  
We never out source moves to other companies. We start and fully finish the move
with our own crew and your belongings never leave our truck once it is loaded until it
is delivered to you. You can rest assured that once your items are loaded they are
headed to your new location with no stops for other moves or items along the way.
All long distance moves are billed 50% upfront to secure your slot and the other
50% at the time of delivery.

Q: Do you hire day labor:

A: No, we have never and will never hire random help for moves.  It is vital that
everyone that goes on a job with us knows what they are doing and committed to
our company and providing you with great service.  

Q: Movers I hired elsewhere never showed up, will you do the same:

A: No! Unlike the vast majority of moving companies that over book and then take
the moves that provide the most money, we never do that.  While it is possible that if
your move is booked for an afternoon time & our morning move may take a little
longer then expected, we will still get you moved that day.  In a nut shell if your are
scheduled to be moved on a certain day, you will be moved that day.

Q: The dates on the BBB site are different from your advertised dates. Why
the different dates??

A: This is not a trick or a mistake.  We originally opened our company as Payless
Moving in 2001. Over the years the owner wanted his company in his family name so
he took steps to transition the company over to Stevens Moving & Storage.  This
was not done because of issues with Payless Moving, bad business or bankruptcy.  
So the company was in fact started in 2001, however the 1st business license with
the new name was issued years later & that is the date the BBB uses to establish
when the company started.  Also, we have been accredited with the BBB many times
over the years.  We never lost accreditation because of bad business or bad
grades.  There were times that we simply did not feel we needed the accreditation
since they keep grades on companies regardless of accreditation status.  Even
though the current accreditation shows us as members since 2016, that simply
means that is the most recent time we re-signed for accreditation after a certain
amount of time away from it.  Our company has always carried an A+ rating with the
BBB, even when we were not paying for the accreditation during some times.

Q & A Plus Rates
Other things you could be
charged for are:

2% Debit/Credit Processing

Shrink Wrap if needed

Additional trip charges if
your outside of our local

Sit charge if you need to
keep your items on our truck
over night

Storage charge if you need
to obtain storage through us
or we have to hold your
items for lack of payment.

Associated fees that can
result from lack of payment